Speed-O-Controls Safeline W

Speed-O-Controls Safeline W

The Speed-O-Controls Safeline W insulated conductor bars have no exposed live parts to come in contact with. Their cover was also designed to shed water and dust, which provides full protection of the joints.

Easy to Install

Easy to install with a single bolt and 4 pole hangers, these bars also come with a slide in slot feature for hanger support that helps eliminate any kind of mis-alignment. The track configuration can be straight or curved and wiring is enclosed for easy connection to collectors. In addition, the system does not require any expansion joints up to 150 meters.


  • 60,100 & 125 Amps : Galvanised Steel.
  • 200 & 315 Amps : Aluminium / Stainless Steel
  • 160,250 & 400 Amps: Rolled Copper


Please download the data sheet for more information.