Baldor D-Series

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  • Static Torque Range: 3 Ft-lbs to 50 Ft-lbs
  • Single non-asbestos friction disc designed to extend life, reduce the need for replacement parts, and allows for quiet operation
  • Lower power consumption than most AC voltage brakes
  • NEMA Motor Frame Sizes: 56C, 143TC/145TC, 180TC, 210TC
  • Internally rectified DC voltage coil operates on either AC or DC Voltage
  • The wave spring provides 360° of force when power is removed from the brake
  • Fast response brake kits offer stopping times equivalent to AC voltage brakes
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing mounts at any angle without modification
  • Class B insulation standard
  • Splined hub permits uniform load distribution
  • Integral key design simplifies installation and eliminates loose parts
  • Easy to use manual release levers reset automatically

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