PT Tech Downhill Conveyer Brakes

PT Tech Downhill Conveyer Brakes

For the past 20 years PT Tech downhill braking systems have been used in installations around the world.

PT Tech is the only brake manufacturer to offer; caliper disc or totally enclosed brakes with each available with standard (open loop) or smart (closed loop) systems.


  • Custom Mounting Bases
  • Custom Disc Size
  • Wear Adjust Switch
  • Brake Pad Replacement Circuitry
  • Brake Status Switch


  • Processor Upgrade
  • Panelview
  • System wide fault diagnostics
  • 2nd Tachometer
  • NEMA 4X


  • Hand Pump
  • Fluid Level Status Switch
  • System Pressure Transducer
  • NEMA 4X