Eaton FHB Disc Brakes

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  • Long-wearing organic friction material and a rugged, solid-cast rotating disc reduce inertia compared to typical caliper brakes
  • Designed to fit and interface with multiple, industry-leading motor frames
  • Fixed hub and rotor design extends product life by eliminating wear during free-wheeling
  • 360 degree annular disc reduces overall maintenance downtime by extending the life of friction pads, which are also easier to change
  • Exclusive shaft lock assembly improves installation speed and safety
Size No. of
Dynamic Torque*
lb‐in N‐m
Length Engaged
in. mm.
Length Released
in. mm.
130FHB 32 288,000 32,540
17.55 455.8
17.79 451.9
138FHB 36
432,900 48,918
18.24 463.3
18.48 469.39

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