Eaton Airflex WCB2 & WCBD Brakes

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  • Special, high-coefficient linings delivers 50% more torque
  • Dynamic coefficient of friction is greater than its static coefficient of friction
  • Unique optional dual-piston design improves control
  • Thermal capacities up to 5,200 HP (3,878 kW)
  • Torque capacities available up to 7,254,450 lb•in (819,027 N•m)
  • Available in a wide variety of standard sizes: 108WCB, 208WCB, 308WCB, 114WCB, 214WCB, 314WCB, 118WCB, 218WCB, 318WCB, 418WCB, 124WCB, 224WCB, 324WCB, 424WCB, 136WCB, 236WCB, 336WCB, 436WCB, 148WCB, 248WCG, 348WCB, 448WCB
  • ABS/CDS Agency Approval; ATEX Certification

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