Sibre Drum Brakes Type TE

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  • Solid steel brake shoe lever and base plate result in small deflections and therefore smaller air travel losses
  • Optimal lever geometry, in other words maximum leverage transfer – braking moment independent of rotation direction
  • Square spiral element with scale for simple, safe adjustment of brake torque
  • Special brake pressure springs with the smallest spring constant possible for making full use of air device lifting force when observing normal releasing
  • Lightweight metal brake shoes with steel boxing: brake lining with friction value 0.4 or 0.3 riveted and/or glued and available both in asbestos-free and metal-free design
  • Special clamping springs hold the brake shoes in place and can be easily released due to their special design using a simple problem-free shoe change
  • All important bearings bushed with maintenance-free bushes
  • Rotary connection of brake shoe lever
  • Bolts made from corrosion and acid-resistant steel to DIN 17440
  • Standard parts galvanised

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