Sibre Disc Brakes Type USB

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Status Monitoring SystemsThe status monitoring systems (SMS) from SIBRE are offered as an optional package for the USB type brakes. The SMS uses monitoring switches, temperature sensors, contacts and DMS-technology to permanently read the actual status of the USB type brake. These signals are made available in the PLC which enables accurate planning of preventive brake maintenance and increases operational safety.
  • Robust design with all bearings and pivot points fitted with close tolerance bushes.
  • Pins made of rust and acid resistant stainless steel
  • Optimized lever geometry resulting in maximum ratio and generous lining clearance
  • Braking torque independent of disc rotating direction
  • Square spring tube with graduated torque scale to facilitate torque adjustment
  • Easily replaceable and low cost brake linings, asbestos free quality for high circumferential speed up to 85 m/sec. and max. disc temperature of up to 850┬░C
  • Reduced maintenance by means of SIBRE-wear-compensator
  • Equal clearance due to SIBRE-synchronisation linkage
  • Brake force increased by more than 70 % due to optimized┬áposition
  • Increased utilization factor of available release force by means of springs with low c-rate
  • Increased efficiency and life time of bushings due to centric application of spring force
  • The knee lever provides the requested dead weight and forms an enclosure protecting the uppermost hinge points and the tension rod against dust and damages
  • The SIBRE synchronization linkage, known since many years from the SIBRE drum brakes, was incorporated in this new disc brake and guarantees an equal and synchronous movement of brake arms. A manual adjustment of equal air-gap is no longer required.
  • Lean and compact envelope dimensions
  • No more right handed or left handed design
  • USB2-05: 0 Nm – 610 Nm
  • USB3-I: 390 Nm – 5020 Nm
  • USB3-I-M: 370 Nm – 4000 Nm
  • USB3-III: 2650 Nm – 31850 Nm
  • USB-C 31: 390 Nm – 4830 Nm
  • USB-C 32: 1400 Nm – 5500 Nm
  • USB-C 33: 2450 Nm – 16900 Nm
  • USB-C 53: 900 Nm – 23000 Nm

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