Wagner Master Control Cylinder and Pedal

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Item OEM Brake Parts DescriptionUS Part #Number Required
110Filler Plug
210Filler Plug Gasket
3-17615 Supply Tank
3a-Control Cylinder Assy., less pedal
3bJ163201 1/2" Diameter
3cJ176161 3/4" Diameter
3dJ199071 3/4" Diameter (Screened Breather replaces Items 28 & 29
621/2" Lockwasher
721/2-20 X 2" Cap Screw
8-O Ring
9-Retainer Plate
10-Snap Ring
11-Felt Seal
12-Felt Retainer
13-Head & Barrel Assy. (Items 14-19a, 27-30)
13aJ1630716308 1 1/2" Diameters
13bJ69126911 1 3/4" Diameter
144Valve & Seat
154Head & Barrel
164Retainer Spring
17-Piston Cup
194Support Ring
19aJ17626Piston Stopwire
208Spring & Case Assy.
218Shaft Pin
228Sleeve Arbor
238Spring Case Gasket
248Case Washer
258#10 Lockwasher
268Stainless Allen Screw
27J105376F17 Copper Gasket
28J7346Bleeder Screw Adaptor
29F6446Bleeder Screw
3191396 Head Gasket
3227/16" Lockwasher
3327/16"-14 X 1 1/4" Cap Screw
34J8219Pedal Assy.
3621/2"-20 X 2 1/4" Bolt
3721/2" Lockwasher
3821/2"-20 Nut

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