Witton Kramer PM Brakes

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The PM AC rectified and DC electromagnetic drum brakes are suitable for operation on AC supplies from 110 to 575 volts and on all DC supplies up to 550 volts.

8 hour rated in any period of 24 hours, the AC versions of the brakes are fitted with internal silicon diode rectifiers.

Series-wound DC brakes give full torque at the one hour rating, pulling in at 60% or 40% of the full-load current. The design incorporates a number of advanced features which reduce maintenance to an absolute minimum. For instance, the brake shoes can be removed and replaced quickly without dismantling the brake. The pins securing the brake shoes are retained by large spring clips, which can also be removed and replaced easily.

If necessary, the torque can be adjusted by increasing the spring length.

  • Sizes: 4″ – 24″
  • Torques: 22 lbf ft – 4800 lbf ft

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