Witton Kramer TDWK Brakes

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The TDWK electro-hydraulic thrustor operated caliper disc brakes are suitable for all drives and are very effective where high stopping energy is required. This includes applications such as on heavy duty cranes, conveyors and process lines.

Suitable for a wide range of disc diameters, the TDWK brakes can be mounted on one or both sides of a disc. They are A.C. operated from supplies up to 660 Volts, 50/60 Hz and the thrustor is symetrically positioned so the brake is not ‘handed’ as is usually the case with brakes of this type.

If required, the Witton Kramer HD thrustor these brakes are operated by can be interchangeable with other European thrustors without having to modify the brake.

  • Sizes: TDWK1 – TDWK 4
  • Torques: 155 N m – 19,200 N m

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