Gemco Hydraulic Shoe Brakes

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  • Hydraulically Applied, Spring Released Brakes
  • 6”-18” Diameters
  • 150-1800 lbs./ft. Torque
  • Air Assisted AC or DC Operation
  • Parking Feature
  • Remote Bleeding
  • Conversion System
  • Asbestos Free Brake Linings

Type S Brake
Spring Set – Air Released

The Gemco Type S brake provides emergency braking in the event of system pressure loss as well as parking capabilities for extended periods of time. The Type S brake is designed in 10”, 14” and 18” sizes. When air pressure is exhausted from the actuator, it stops and hold the load in the static position. Applying air pressure of 60psi or more compresses the actuation spring and releases the brake.

Type H and HM Brake
Manual Hydraulic Brake

The Gemco Type H hydraulic brakes are manually operated and actuated by a foot pedal. This braking system provides dynamic stopping capability. As for the Type HM hydraulic brakes, they provide dynamic stopping and are equipped with a spring applied, electrically controlled parking actuator that is hydraulically released to provide holding and parking capability. Both of these hydraulic brake types deliver infinitely variable stopping torque in direct proportion to the force applied to the foot pedal, for smooth, controlled stops.

Type A/H-ARC Brake
Air/Hydraulic – Air Remote Control

The Type A/H-ARC brake provides smooth, dependable and emergency stopping for large cranes or fast, heavy duty cycle cranes. These Gemco brakes are controlled by a foot operated air valve. If the air pressure in the air supply system gets too low, emergency braking is provided. If the pressure in the emergency tank falls below a preset level, the Type A/H-ARC system automatically applies the brakes. Within two hours of operation, the emergency tank bleeds down, which causes the release of the emergency brake application. This braking system is capable of operating multiple brakes, as is the case with all air/hydraulic systems.

Type A/H-ERC Brake
Air/Hydraulic – Electrical Remote Control

The Gemco A/H-ERC brake provides bridge braking on pulpit, radio, or pendant controlled indoor overhead cranes. When the bridge drive control is switched to neutral, this two-step low/high pressure system automatically applies the low pressure, low torque step. The high pressure, high torque step, is applied by operator signal, or in case of power failure. As safety measure, the high pressure step is automatically applied when the crane is shut down. Within two hours of operation, the pressure bleeds down, releasing the automatic brake application. The A/H-ERC system is capable of operating multiple brakes. With the addition of a conversion package, an existing Type H manual brake system may be converted to Type A/H-ERC systems.

Type A/HM Brake
Air/Hydraulic with Parking

The Gemco Type A/HM brake assemblies provide superior parking capabilities. The A/HM-ARC, A/HM-ERC, and A/HMHRC braking systems all offer features of the Air Hydraulic powered remote control and also provide long-term parking capabilities.

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