Gemco Magnetic DC Shoe Brakes

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  • DC Operation
  • Spring Applied, Electrically Released Brakes
  • AISE Rated
  • 4 1/2”-30” Diameter
  • 15-9000 lbs./ft. Torque
  • Series or Shunt Coils
  • Asbestos Free Brake Linings
  • Rectifiers for AC Operation
  • Self-Centering (TMSC Style)
  • Hand Release
  • Hydraulic Over-Ride
  • Limit Switches
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Enclosures

TM DC Brakes
Shunt or Series Wound

  • Mechanically independent brake coils that can be removed without releasing the brake shoes. Single coil operation is possible for a short-time in case of an emergency.
  • Twin-magnet coils are epoxy-encapsulated for permanent protection against water, grease, oil, dust, chemicals, and mechanical impact (TM43 and TM63 have single coils).
  • The brake shoe travel indicator provides a positive visual check of lining wear for quick maintenance and inspection.
  • Cast iron brake shoes are lined with long wearing molded linings and are self-aligning.
  • Utilized tie rod-and-spring assembly facilitates shoe replacement.
  • Over-the-wheel tie rod is a simple, easily accessible linkage, permitting all adjustments from the top. Standard Gemco TM style brakes have two easy adjustments for spring tension and lining wear.
  • TMSC style brakes have a single point adjustment for spring tension and lining wear.
  • If required, the brake can be released manually.

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