Magnetek Mondel Industrial Shoe Brakes (200S)

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  • Spring applied, electrically released
  • Magnet coils encapsulated in epoxy resin
  • Class F insulation
  • Shunt: 12V through 500V DC
  • Series: 5A through 300A (40% – 10% FLC)


  • Forcing rectifiers (Fast response for crane
  • hoists, etc.)
  • Constant potential rectifiers (For crane bridges, trolleys, etc.)
  • Class H insulation
  • Terminal box rectifiers
  • Hand release
  • Fast response – standard units 2000 cycles per hour
  • Spring applied, electrically released
  • Continuously rated or intermittent, service
  • < 40 Deg. Celcius
  • Class F insulation
  • AC Supplies: 230-460-575/3Ph/50-60 Hz
  • DC Supplies: 250V


  • NEW! Automatic Adjustment (AA) –Automatically compensates for lining wear throughout the full thickness life of the linings. It eliminates the time required to manually adjust the linkages for brake shoe lining wear.
  • NEW! Automatic Equalization (AE) –Automatically equalizes and maintains running shoe clearance and maintains proper running, which provides balanced braking and equal brake pad wear.
  • External torque Spring with calibrated indicator
  • Externally adjustable, stepless time delays-both directions (set and release)
  • Braketronic Control
  • Nitride corrosion protection
  • Latching hand release
  • Stainless steel pivot pins available
  • Up to 3 limit switches to indicate brake position
  • Hydraulically applied by short stroke cylinder, spring release
  • Pedal operation – One (1) or Two (2) Brakes


  • Remote bleeding

Both MSA and MST types can be fitted with assisted hydraulic override to produce a dual-purpose industrial brake.  This hybrid brake is useful for Gantry cranes, EOT bridges and similar mill duty applications where dual control and/or emergency stopping and parking are required.

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