Magnetek Mondel Heavy Duty Disc Brakes (400D)

Magnetek Mondel Heavy Duty Disc Brakes (400D)

Magnetek 400D Mondel Heavy-Duty Disc Brakes are specifically designed for high speed, high performance applications. They are manufactured from materials seleceted to optimize performance and serviceability for the most demanding applications including: marine port terminals, steel mills, shipyard cranes, ship loaders, swing span bridges, port cranes, offshore drilling rigs, large gantry cranes, bascule bridges, and vertical lift bridges.

Three brake types are available:

  • Type STD – conform to container industry ratings and dimensions.
  • Type ADT – conform to AIST ratings and dimensions.
  • Type NDT – conform to Wagner dimensions


  • 8″ – 50″ diameter
  • 50 – 30,000 lb. ft. torque
  • AC, DC, hydraulic
  • Explosion proof
  • Flexible mounting configurations
  • Low inertia
  • Fast response
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Automatic pad clearance equalization


Type “D” – 3 PH. AC & DC

  • Spring-applied electrically released
  • Continuously or intermittently rated < 40°C
  • Sintered metal friction pads on quick replacement liners
  • Stainless steel pivot pins running in self-lubricating bushings
  • AC supplies: 230-460-575/3Ph50/60Hz
  • DC supplies: 250V


  • Adjustable external torque spring with calibrated indicator
  • Externally adjustable, stepless time delays in both directions; set and release
  • Latching manual release
  • Limit switches for proving brake release
  • Balanced torque to minimize shaft stresses (2 brakes on a common disc)
  • Braketronic controller
  • Nitride Corrosion Protection


  • Discs – standard/ventilated
  • Discs/hubs (rigid)
  • Disc/couplings (flexible)