Magnetek Railyard Remote Controls Systems

Magnetek Railyard Remote Controls Systems

With Magnetek’s Telemotive brand wireless remote controls, one operator, working from a safe distance with a clear view, can control your locomotive equipment.

As the innovators of the single-cabinet system and integrated mini-pneumatics, we’ve helped railyards increase productivity, enhance safety and reduce maintenance and labor costs. We offer you the smallest, modular locomotive systems in the industry. Advanced designs make our products extremely reliable and easy to install and maintain—all at a great value.

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • On-site, turn-key installations — Our factory personnel provide installation, complete with on-site operator and maintenance training.
  • Single-cabinet receiver — Radio receiver, electric and pneumatic interface are all in ONE cabinet.
  • Simple maintenance — Total modular design incorporates onboard diagnostic circuitry that allows rapid identification and correction of problems, which minimizes the need for costly multiple work crews.
  • Off-the-shelf industrial hardware — You never have to wait for custom parts.

Easy to Operate

  • Transmitter fixed/portable — Operate in both portable and fixed modes.
  • TMS (Time Multiplex Signaling) — Multiple systems can reliably share the same licensed frequency.
  • Compact receiver and transmitter — Easy to handle; space efficient.
  • Typical range 700 to 2000 ft. in portable mode; 2500 ft. in fixed mode — Allows for maximum flexibility.
  • Modular receiver design — Quick and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Intel® Microprocessor based control — Both transmitter and receiver have onboard microprocessor technology for maximum reliability and performance

Safe and Reliable

  • Self-check pneumatic program — The unit tests itself every time it starts and verifies at all times that it’s measuring the proper air pressure for safe operation.
  • Integrated pneumatics with quadruple-filtered air supply — It reduces the risk of contamination of control hardware for extreme reliability.
  • Tilt switch — If the operator becomes disabled, this safety feature shuts down the system and sets the brakes on the locomotive.
  • Broad range of braking functions available — Braking functions include independent braking, train braking, automatic braking, independent brake bail, drag brake, and throttle against train brake.
  • Broad operating electronic range — From -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C); RHO to 95% non-condensing.


  • Stainless steel receiver cabinet for outdoor applications — Weatherproof, NASA-type shockmounted system is easily maintained by your personnel for durability and long life.
  • Push to Operate (PTO) palm bar option — The brakes can only be released while the operator is depressing the palm bar. Once the bar is released, the brakes will set.
  • Low temperature units available for pneumatic — Available for severe applications from -30°F (-34°C) to +32°F (0°C).


  • Yard and Switcher Locomotives
  • Rail Car Spotter/Movers
  • Electric Switches
  • Motor Powered Mobile Equipment
  • Material Loading and Unloading