Magnetek OmniPulse™ DSD DC Control

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Safety Advantages

  • Motor torque proving at start
  • Brake torque proving at start and stop
  • Safe Operating Windows™ reduces the possibility of programming unsafe parameters
  • Microprocessor Watchdog Circuit monitors microprocessor operation
  • Motor and control protection circuits
  • Works with upper limit switches

Maintenance Advantages

  • Elimination of contactor problems
  • Motor protection circuits
  • Elimination of motor in-rush currents reduces demand on collector bars and power centers
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Saves last 16 faults, automatic reset, or external fault reset
  • Reduced mechanical stress
  • Elimination of voltage transients caused by magnetic controls
  • Microprocessor based built-in diagnostics
  • Increased reliability over DC clapper controls and M-G sets
  • Built for harsh operating environments
  • 2 line x 16 character LCD display in control cabinet as standard

Performance Advantages

  • Traverse Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference
  • Hoist Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference
  • Load Float—allows a load to be held aloft at zero speed
  • Maximum motor torque from startup to full speed
  • Smooth load starting
  • Programmable smooth acceleration from minimum to maximum speed
  • Programmable smooth deceleration to creep-speed and stop
  • MICROSPEED™—fine speed control minimizes load swing during operation
  • ULTRALIFT™—fast no-load hook speeds/easy load spotting
  • Built-in Auto Tune—self tunes to motor, faster startup; vital for modernization installation
  • Limit switch inputs
  • Inching control for exact load placement
  • Built-in motor overload protection

Unsurpassed Aftermarket Support
OmniPulse is backed by the industry’s best warranty and service, including:

  • 24 hour on-call service
  • On-site technical support
  • Emergency crane control replacement
  • One-year warranty
  • On-site training programs available

Optional Keypad

  • Keypad operator has programmable features and computer diagnostics, allowing the operator to customize crane and hoist performance
  • Display menus provide rapid access to operating status, features, and diagnostics
  • Reprogramming parameters is a simple task
  • Fault-detection and safety circuits record last 16 faults that may occur and protect motors from dangerous operating conditions
  • Keypad operator displays the control’s status, which provides for the fast diagnosis and repair of almost any problem
  • Trouble-shooting is quick and easy with plain language diagnostics

OmniPulse DSD DC Control Keypad

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