Magnetek IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Wireless Diagnostics System

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IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS Allows you to:

  • Monitor drive parameters and drive status
  • Upload/download drive parameters
  • Save and e-mail parameter files, modified constants and DataLogger files for troubleshooting assistance
  • Modify parameter settings and create new parameter files
  • Reset faults remotely
  • View and print detailed or compact drive parameters
  • Copy and paste information
  • Display Help screens
  • Compare drive parameter (PAR) files
  • Log fault, alarm and run events from multiple drives (via DataLogger)
  • Monitor multiple drives at one time
  • Custom default drive settings
  • Troubleshoot from a remote location (office, plant floor, or another location)—anytime—day or night, 24/7. No need to climb up on the crane to diagnose and reset a fault.

IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS Includes:

  • Wireless modem base unit
  • Wireless modem remote unit
  • IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS Software & Hardware Key

Datalogger Series 3+ Drive Recording Device Diagram 2

Datalogger Series 3+ Drive Recording Device Diagram 1

IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS Software Supports:

  • IMPULSE•G+ Series 4
  • IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4
  • IMPULSE•G+ Mini
  • OmniPulse DDC
  • MagnePulse™ DMC Industrial Lifting Magnet Control
  • IMPULSE®•R and IMPULSE®•D+ HHP AC Line Regenerative Systems


IMPULSE•LINK 4.1 Wireless Diagnostic System (WDS) For DC Drives

IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS can also be used on your facility’s OmniPulse DDC Drives. A WDS upgrade requires only a short installation time. It can be customized to a specific drive and monitors the parameters and provide diagnostic information unique to that drive’s application. Existing OmniPulse DDC drives can be easily retrofitted; so few infrastructure updates are needed and no additional training is required for operators and maintenance crews. It uses the same interface as most current hard-wired diagnostic devices.

The WDS alerts you of a problem and transmits this diagnostic data to be read by a technician. This allows maintenance workers to be prepared with the right tools and parts to fix the problem before getting up on the crane to do repairs. Valuable time and manpower is saved so the crane gets back on-line efficiently.

Easy to Install and Use
The WDS is a digital device with no moving parts, so it consistently monitors the drives without breaks in transmission, providing increased safety, security and reliability. Whether you have a single crane or multiple cranes in difficult to access locations, WDS allows you to easily monitor and diagnose your OmniPulse drives wirelessly.

IMPULSE•Link 4.1 WDS Software System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 98se, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit*)
  • Processor Speed: Pentium class or equivalent 500 MHz or higher
  • System Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 100 MB available disk space
  • Video (Monitor and Graphics Card): VGA or higher with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Additional Requirements: available USB or RS232 port; an internet or ethernet network; a CD-ROM drive (if installing via CD)

*Customers will need to install the latest WIBUKey driver from for 64-bit operating systems.

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